• The Flexi-Earthed connector is made from an ether based polyurethane with a 316 stainless steel wire coil and terminal lugs at each end.

    Complies with:

    FDA 21 CFR 177.1680, 175.105 (adhesives) and 177.2600.

    (EC) 1935/2004, 2023–2006, 2002/72/EC, USDA & 3A (20–27).

    Key features/uses:

    • Terminal lugs are designed to be attached to
      earthing cables at each end to provide maximum
    • Ideal for bag feeders, filling heads or bulk bag fillers.
    • CIP safe, excellent microbial resistance
    • Very flexible & lightweight, tight bend radius
    • High mechanical strength & good hydrolytic stability

    Available Sizes:

    Diameters: Ø100mm (4″) to Ø300mm (12″) in 50mm (2″) increments

    Lengths:  250mm (10″) up to 4,000mm (13ft 1½”) in 50mm (2″) increments

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