Tên sản phẩm: Fork sensors WFS

Danh mục: Registration sensors

Model: WFS3-40P41C

ID: 6053765

Nhà sản xuất: SICK

Xuất xứ: FR

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Mã: 6053765 Danh mục:

Mô tả sản phẩm

Registration sensors

Functional principle Optical detection principle
Dimensions (W x H x D) 10 mm x 25 mm x 64.3 mm
Housing design (light emission) Fork shaped
Fork width 3 mm
Fork depth 42 mm
Minimum detectable object (MDO) Gap between Labels / Size of labels: 2 mm 1)
Label detection ?
Light source LED, Infrared light

Plus/minus button (Teach-in, sensitivity, light/dark switching)

Cable (Teach-in dynamic)

Teach-in mode

2-point teach-in

Teach-in dynamic

Output function Light/darkswitching, selectable via button
    1) Depends on the label thickness.
IO-Link functions Standard
Advanced functions ?
Fieldbus, industrial network IO-Link
Type of fieldbus integration Integrated in the device
Supply voltage 10 V DC … 30 V DC 1)
Ripple < 10 % 2)
Power consumption 20 mA 3)
Switching frequency 15 kHz 4)
Response time 46 ?s 5)
Stability of response time ? 20 ?s
Jitter 17 ?s
Switching output PNP
Switching output (voltage) PNP: HIGH = VS? ? 2 V / LOW approx. 0 V
Switching output Light/dark switching
Output current Imax. 100 mA
Input, teach-in (ET) Teach: U > 5 V … < UV
Initialization time 40 ms
Connection type Male connector M8, 4-pin
Ambient light immunity ? 10,000 lx
Protection class III
Circuit protection

UV connections, reverse polarity protected

Output Q short-circuit protected

Interference pulse suppression

Enclosure rating IP65
Weight Approx. 36 g
Housing material PA (glass-fiber reinforced)
    1) Limit values, reverse-polarity protected, operation in short-circuit protected network: max. 8 A.2) May not exceed or fall below Uv tolerances.3) Without load.4) With light/dark ratio 1:1, typical, during teach-in 6 kHz.5) Signal transit time with resistive load.
Ambient data
Ambient operating temperature ?20 ?C … +60 ?C 1)
Ambient storage temperature ?30 ?C … +80 ?C
Shock load According to EN 60068-2-27
UL File No. NRKH.E191603
    1) Do not bend below 0 ?C.
ECl@ss 5.0 27270909
ECl@ss 5.1.4 27270909
ECl@ss 6.0 27270909
ECl@ss 6.2 27270909
ECl@ss 7.0 27270909
ECl@ss 8.0 27270909
ECl@ss 8.1 27270909
ECl@ss 9.0 27270909
ETIM 5.0 EC002720
ETIM 6.0 EC002720
UNSPSC 16.0901 39121528
Communication interface
Communication interface IO-Link V1.1
Communication Interface detail COM2 (38,4 kBaud)
Cycle time 2.3 ms
Process data length 16 Bit