Continuous level sensor (guided wave radar) model LR3000


Tên sản phẩm: Continuous level sensor (guided wave radar)

Danh mục: LR0000B-BR34AMPKG/US

Model: LR3000

Nhà sản xuất: IFM

Xuất xứ: DE

Thời gian giao hàng: 30 ngày

Hàng mới 100%, bảo hành 12 tháng theo quy định nhà sản xuất

Cung cấp chứng nhận xuất xứ (CO), chứng nhận chất lượng (CQ) theo yêu cầu khách hàng

  • For the reliable level control in tanks and containers
  • Suitable for water, oils and coolants
  • Clearly visible 4-digit LED display
  • Modular system consisting of evaluation unit and probe
  • Adaptation to different container heights through shortening of the probe

Mô tả sản phẩm

Product characteristics Number of inputs and outputs Number of digital outputs: 1; Number of analogue outputs: 1 Probe length L [mm] 100…1600 Process connection G 3/4 external thread Application Special feature Gold-plated contacts Media hydrous coolants; oils; oil-based media; water; media similar to water Dielectric constant of the medium ? 2; (for media with a dielectric constant of 2…20 (e.g. oils), a coaxial pipe is needed for operation) Cannot be used for greases; granulates; bulk material; acids; alkali; heavily foaming media Medium temperature [?C] 0…80; (90 < 1 h) Tank pressure [bar] -1…16 MAWP (for applications according to CRN) [bar] 25 Electrical data Operating voltage [V] 18…30 DC Current consumption [mA] < 80 Protection class III Reverse polarity protection yes Power-on delay time [s] < 3 Inputs / outputs Number of inputs and outputs Number of digital outputs: 1; Number of analogue outputs: 1 Outputs Total number of outputs 2 Output signal switching signal; analogue signal; IO-Link Electrical design PNP Number of digital outputs 1 Output function normally open / normally closed; (parameterisable) Max. voltage drop switching output DC [V] 2.5 Permanent current rating of switching output DC [mA] 200 Number of analogue outputs 1 Analogue current output [mA] 4…20 Max. load [?] 500 Analogue voltage output [V] 0…10 Min. load resistance [?] 2000 Short-circuit protection yes Type of short-circuit protection thermal, pulsed Overload protection yes Measuring/setting range Probe length L [mm] 100…1600 Active range A [mm] L-40 (L-60); (when set to oil and oil based media) Inactive range I1 / I2 [mm] 30 / 10 (30); (when set to oil and oil based media) Setting range Set point SP [mm] ? 15 (35) / ? L-30 Note on setpoint SP
when set to oil and oil based media
Reset point rP [mm] ? 10 (30) / ? L-35 Note on reset point rP
when set to oil and oil based media
In steps of [mm] 5 Hysteresis [mm] > 5 Accuracy / deviations Repeatability [mm] ? 5 Switch point accuracy [mm] ? (15 + 0,5 % ); (% of the final value of the measuring range: L – 30 mm) Characteristics deviation ? 10 Offset error [mm] 10 Measuring sensitivity 16 mA ? MEW
10 V ? MEW Resolution [mm] 0.5 (L < 300 mm) 0.2% MEW (L > 300 mm) Zero signal (voltage) [V] 0…0.02 Zero signal (current) [mA] 3.95…4.0 Full signal (voltage) [V] 10.0…10.1 Full signal (current) [mA] 20…20.2 Interfaces Communication interface IO-Link Transmission type COM2 (38,4 kBaud) IO-Link revision 1.1 SDCI standard IEC 61131-9 CDV IO-Link device ID 344 d / 00 01 58 h Profiles no profile SIO mode yes Required master port type A Process data analogue 1 Process data binary 1 Min. process cycle time [ms] 2.3 Operating conditions Ambient temperature [?C] 0…60 Storage temperature [?C] -25…80 Protection IP 67 Tests / approvals EMC
IEC 60947-1
Shock resistance
DIN IEC 68-2-27 50 g (11 ms)
Vibration resistance
DIN IEC 68-2-6 5 g (10…2000 Hz)
MTTF [years] 196 Mechanical data Weight [g] 436 Materials stainless steel (1.4301 / 304); FKM; PBT; PC; PEI; TPE-V; PTFE Materials (wetted parts) stainless steel (1.4305 / 303); probe connection: stainless steel (1.4435 / 316L); PTFE; FKM; Sealing: NBR-PPTA 20 Process connection G 3/4 external thread Displays / operating elements Display
Display unit 3 x LED, green
switching status 1 x LED, yellow
level alphanumeric display, 4-digit
parameter setting alphanumeric display, 4-digit
Accessories Accessories (optional)
Probe:, E43203…E43205 / E43207…E43210
Coaxial pipe:, E43211…E43221, E43223, E43224
Remarks Pack quantity 1 pcs. Electrical connection Connection Connector: 1 x M12; Contacts: gold-plated Diagrams and graphs

Measurement deviation D at the limits of the active rod range

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