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Pressure regulators
TechnikDas DUNGS pressure regulator, type FRS is a pressure regulator with adjustable setpoint spring. The regulator complies with EN 88 and EN 3380 -. Inlet pressures up to 500 mbar (50 kPa) - Large Durchflußleistun-Stable, precise and sensitive scheme of regulator output pressure-balanced valve diaphragm safety diaphragm Series Internal pulse for regulator output pressure, external im-pulse connection on both sides optional threaded connection Rp 3/8 - Rp 2 - flange DN 40 - DN 150

Pressure switches for gas and air
Technique Two separate pressure chambers with pressure-side connection to Schlauchnippeln.Je pressure chamber join an ø 4 mm.Sollwert (Druckdiffeenz) directly adjustable. Setpoint from the outside through the transparent cover erkennbar.Genaue function by special frictionless Schaltsystem.Kontaktumschaltung is mounted above or below the set value. Complete mounting kit included.

Solenoid van
TechnikDas DUNGS safety solenoid valve MV / 4, MVD, MVD / 5, MVDLE / 5 is a one-stufigesautomatisches valve to EN 161 for gas burners and gas burning appliances: - Maximum operating pressure up to 200, 360 or 500 mbar (20, 36 or 50 kPa ) - normally closed-MV, MVD: fast open-MVDLE: Slow öffnendmit adjustable fast stroke for start gas flow-main volume adjustable (MVD / MVDLE) - DC solenoid, rectifier suppression in terminal box with cable gland-closed position signal Ge closed position the valve (... / 5) - pipe thread to ISO 7/1- flange connection to DIN 26 33, ISO 7005 - Reliable function, rugged and maintenance-free versions ferrous metals on request

Double solenoid valves HF Bloc
TechnikDas DUNGS double solenoid valve DMV integrates two solenoid valves in one compact unit: - Automatic shut-off valves in accordance with DIN EN 161 Class A Group 2 - two A valves in a housing double poppet valve technology-High Durchflußerte-Max operating pressure up to 0.5 bar open Quick closing-Fast (DMV-D) or slowly (DMV-DLE) open with adjustable fast stroke for start gas volume (50 kPa). main volume adjustable (DMV-D, DMV-DLE) -. DC solenoid-end contact mountable - Small footprint , light weight.

GasMultiBloc Multifunctional gas controls
TechnikDas DUNGS multiple actuator MBC ... SE is the integration of filters, valves and servo pressure regulator in one compact unit: - Dirt trap: Feinfilte-2 solenoid valves up to 360 mbar (36 kPa) in accordance with DIN EN 161 Class A Group 2, fast open-servo -pressure regulator according to DIN EN 88 Class A Group 2 - output pressure: 0 - 300 mbar (0 - 30 kPa) - Sensitive setting of output pressure-For optimum output pressure stability-flange connections with pipe threads according to ISO 7/1 or NPT Easy installation-Low GewichtDas modular system permits individual solutions with valve proving system, pressure switch mini / maxi pressure limiter. High Durchflußerte with low pressure drop

System engineering Gas trains
TechnikGRMS kundenspezifish be made ​​to the relevant EU regulations and installed: - EU Gas Appliance Directive, EU PED-Betriebssicherheitsverordnung-EU country-specific regulations-regulations the gas supply company

Ball valve
Art ball valve Rp 1/4 to Rp 2 PN 5 according to DIN EN 331.Kugelhahn DN 25 to DN 200, PN 16 according to DIN EN 13774 part 1.Robuste and very smooth construction weise.AnwendungDer ball valve is used to manually shutting off and releasing gases of families 1, 2, 3 and other neutral gaseous Medien.Weitere air, water, light and heavy gas Heizöl.Jede road are to be completed with a ball valve of conventional design or DUNGS GasMultiBloc

Filter technique for interior gas pipes according to DIN 3386 with high dust holding kapazität.GF / 1: threaded connection to ISO 7/1.GF/3, GF / 4 and GF: flange according to DIN EN 1092-1.Max. Flow rate: 20 m / s.Einbaumöglichkeit for Druckmeßstut-zen for filter monitoring.

Motor butterfly valves & Actuators
TechnikDie DUNGS DMK motorized butterfly valve is ... an actuator without zero shut to DIN 3394 sheet 2.Eingangsseitiges external thread and the output side female thread enables a space-saving-sembly directly DUNGS multiple actuator devices, solenoid valves and other control devices: - max. Operating pressure 500 mbar (50 kPa) - max. Diffeenzdruck 100 mbar (10 kPa) - Group Ro according to DIN 3394 Part 2 - anwendungsspezifischeDurchmes-serwahl the standard throttle actuator: DMA ... P. .., ... Q. .. DMA, DMA ... A. .. Other drives available on request Installation length-limited by combination of inside and outside thread

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